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Smudge Trio - Cedar Mix

Smudge Trio - Cedar Mix

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Smudging (the burning of wild herbs) has been used by many ancient cultures as part of a spiritual ritual to cleanse a space and to promote health and wisdom.  

This smudge is made of mostly cedar with silver sage and sweet grass mixed in. Its aroma is rich in earthy, woodsy notes with a sweet undertone.

  • Includes three smudges
  • Each smudge is 8" x 1" to ensure a long burn
  • Gathered and bundled by hand in Montana

How to use: Place smudge on a ceramic plate, tile or stone and light one end.  Allow to smolder and smoke. Keep away from other flammables.

Alternative use: Arrange numerous smudges as a decorative accent on a coffee table or shelf. 

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