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Leaf Press

Leaf Press

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Ditch your old text book and press your favorite fall leaves and spring wildflowers in our leaf press.  Constructed of durable masonite board, cardboard, absorbent herbarium paper and powerful rubber bands.

Available is two sizes, both designed for in-field pressing. 6"x9" is idea for backpackers as a field press.  9"x12" is best for pressing larger specimens and quantities.

  • Sizes: 6"x9" and 9"x12"
  • Rubber bands actively press specimens 
  • White herbarium paper is made of 100% absorbent cotton

How to press leaves and flowers?:

Prior to founding FH+CO, Owen Mortensen spent 14 years gathering, pressing and arranging thousands of leaves and flowers for his unique botanical art collages.  Below are his tips to pressing:

  1. It's best to gather your specimens in early afternoon on a clear day.  This allows flowers to be in full bloom and any dew to evaporate.
  2. Press your specimens as quickly as possible, especially flowers (leaves can sit in a paper bag for a few hours prior to pressing)
  3. Your specimen should go in between the two layers of herbarium paper, flanked by the corrugated cardboard sheets, which allows proper airflow.
  4. The rubber bands, which make our press design unique, are designed to hold fast and press your specimens, but it is recommended you remove the bands and place an exercise weight or heavy book on top of your press to aid the pressing and save the elasticity of the bands.
  5. Allow leaves to press for 10-16 days and flowers 16-20 days.  Keep in well ventilated room.
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